What I use

Sometimes, people ask me what I use for my daily work, side projects, and for my YouTube videos. So I decided to write up this little list that sums up.


  • IntelliJ Ultimate // For my work and business projects
  • Visual Studio Code // By far my favorite text editor for all my side-projects and YouTube tutorials
  • Ayu // My new theme for VSCode - love it!
  • Chrome // The one and only



  • Desktop PC // 8-9-10-something-year-old machine living under my desk
  • Shadow PC // My Cloud PC for rendering my Youtube tutorials and other funny stuff - Use my Discount Code: MARZPYUW
  • Rode NT-USB // Microphone that I use for my tutorials
  • Logitech M720 // Triathlon to keep me fit all-day
  • Logitech K780 // Logitech as well, for three devices
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